About Patti Kuhlman

About Patti Kuhlman

I founded Wholesalefairygardens.com in 2011 after working within the home and garden industry for over seven years as a manufacturers representative for various garden suppliers. I founded the website in order to provide an online resource for distributors of Fairy Garden Supplies to purchase premium quality items in wholesale quantity, a must in the industry, as Fairy Garden supplies have been selling faster than many dealers are able to keep items in inventory.

WholesaleFairyGardens.com is a true wholesale company, which distinguishes itself from many other online stores that simply sell Fairy Garden supplies in retail quantity. Items are sold in quantity only, in order to better provide competitive pricing for distributors and re-sellers of garden supplies.

Fairy Gardens have been a very popular in recent years, which sparked the idea of creating a one-stop destination where re-sellers could easily find and purchase quantity supplies. After looking into different options of brands to carry, I decided to develop my own line of unique miniature Fairy Garden accessories.  During the design process we foremost keep nature in mind along with a vintage rustic twist.

WholesaleFairyGardens.com strives to always maintain high customer satisfaction, quality service, and become trusted resource for your Wholesale Fairy Garden Supplies.

I hope you find this website enjoyable and a quality resource for all of your wholesale fairy garden needs.


Patti Kuhlman